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FMT Update #2: the second week and the aftermath

“How was your trip?” I didn’t think that would be a complicated question to answer, but I never know what to say. Good? Busy? Exhausting? Fun? Awkward? Stressful? Relaxing? Crappy? 💩 Any of those would be truthful. It’s taken me five days since arriving home to write an update because jet lag and FMT lag… Continue reading FMT Update #2: the second week and the aftermath

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The Healing Project, April: But First, Sleep

True, robust health starts with… sleep. You thought I was going to say food, didn’t you? #psych April is The Month of Sleep (cue fanfare) for my new project here. I’m excited. And kind of exhausted just thinking about it. I’m not sure why it seems like such a sacrifice to prioritize sleep. After all,… Continue reading The Healing Project, April: But First, Sleep

The Healing Project

The Healing Project

I suffer from a condition called the Internet Research Rabbit Hole (IRRH). It’s something that often pops up in conjunction with an autoimmune diagnosis, especially when mainstream medical treatment has failed to produce encouraging results. It presents initially as the realization that yes, DIET DOES MATTER, and goes quickly south from there. Common symptoms include:… Continue reading The Healing Project


The Background Story: Part 4

If you haven’t checked out Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3, now’s your chance to go read my oversharing about my health history. Some posts have throwback pics. Yikes. I’m continuing on from the gluten-free years into the WTF-do-I-eat years. These are also the years when my tether to conventional medicine ever-so-slowly breaks loose.… Continue reading The Background Story: Part 4